What is the Meaning & Definition of shame

The shame is that feeling that manifests itself with the embarrassment of the mind as a result of the Commission of any serious, or for carrying out any humiliating and dishonourable action, whether or self-employed.
One of the most characteristic of this feeling physical manifestations is the lighting of the color of the face, becoming a red color and demonstrating the mentioned feelings of the person who suffers it.
For example, in a meeting all insist that Laura mentioned some words, as long as it is very shy, such a situation will trigger latent shame of Laura who suddenly, before the applause to encourage her to talk, will be red cheeks. The blush on his face was a clear sign of the shame he felt.
Shame is a feeling that is closely linked to the fear of the shame mentioned, as we mentioned in the previous example, Laura, feel ashamed to speak in public and surely the cause of this is the deep fear that gives wrong while he is speaking, contradict or lock in the middle of the speech.
Generally, shame is a very common feature among people shy, because those who are timid to the end will not want to ever show in public aspects of his personality, or in its defect of your body. It gives me so much shame that they look at me legs that why not use miniskirts. When is public is impossible to hide his shame, but in private is the more talkative of the group.
On the other hand, shame may refer to the Act or event scandalous and outrageous that someone stars in. John has no shame coming to work after all what he said of his colleagues. Ashamed so much listen to her speak so ill of his father.
Meanwhile, called scoundrel that individual has no decorum or to whose morality does not stop committing ethical failures. Roberto is a scoundrel, ruined our family and still has the tupe of playing at our door.
And the embarrassment is that shame that feels an individual as if it were itself but actually he feels it for something he said or feel different.

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