What is the Meaning & Definition of shark

The media usually appear shocking news about sharks. In them it is beaches evicted before his presence, injured surfers, sightings and, in a nutshell, news that the shark is presented as a serious threat. He could speak of shark as an animal of legend.

Main features

The shark is a fish whose skeleton is cartilaginous. Your skin has dentils, a kind of scales that allows great mobility and speed. The vast majority are cold-blooded fish. Their gills that breathe are located on the sides of its head. It has a high sensitivity to electrical fields, an acute sense of smell and your vision adapts perfectly to the lack of light. Their teeth are pointed shape, very sharp and resets in case of loss (the lower teeth serve to capture prey and superiors Act to tear it).
To move use their fins, which are linked to the cartilaginous skeleton (it should be remembered that the cartilage is lighter than bone and this allows the shark greater buoyancy). A curious aspect of their physiology is the fact that its gastric juices are so powerful that they can corrode stainless steel.
The reproductive strategy of the shark is to fertilise the eggs internally and thus the offspring are more protected. Some are gregarious and maintain social bonds, but they are mostly solitary. They do not sleep even though they have periods of low activity.

The controversial fishing

Shark fishing in order to obtain oil and your liver as a source of vitamin A for decades be appreciated (the invention of synthetic vitamins reduced the shark-fishing). Currently, Japanese cuisine is which keeps the shark fishing, especially by the famous shark fin consumption. This circumstance has led to harsh criticism from animal advocates, who have come to say that Japanese coasts occurs in the genocide of a species. Japanese fishermen consider the shark fin is part of its gastronomic culture and, in parallel, relinquish fishing would mean ruin for thousands of families.

Zoologists belie the myth of dangerous animal

The statistical number of attacks on humans is negligible (it is estimated that five people die a year worldwide). Terror to sharks comes from cinema and myth that was created as an animal killer shark. More than 360 species that are recognized, only a few are dangerous (the bull shark, Tiger and white). Specialists at the behavior of these sharks believe are the only reasons that explain their attacks to human curiosity or feel threatened.
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