What is the Meaning & Definition of shop

The store is a type of business in which people purchase goods or services in Exchange for the payment of a certain amount of money, i.e. the monetary value with which the product or service has been assigned.
Traditionally, stores, small establishments offering direct by a seller which advises about care of the products and services being sold there are, in addition, assumes the presence of a counter or table that fulfills the function separation, division, the showroom regarding items that are on sale. Shop would be something like the opposite of the known trade as free service which is the own consumer, customer, who is close to the articles, choose them and takes them up to the line of boxes to pay them. Although currently the term store is used even to designate trades free service we mentioned, isn't really correct use to refer to this type.
The stores may be dedicated to selling one type of product as be clothing, food, electronic devices, among others, either offer a wide range of products.
Meanwhile, store can operate independent, alone, in a physical space or you can be integrated to a shopping arcade or Mall where share space with other stores. Both in Spain and in Latin America shop is a traditional precinct and who represents the highest percentage of sales of commodities and food.
With the boom reached by new technologies, especially the Internet, has gained importance the virtual store, a web site through which users can purchase products online, as if they were in a physical store and of course with the benefit of not having to navigate to it, since most offer catalogs.
Another use of the term store is to designate the frame of sticks or tubes nailed to the ground, presenting a cover in fabric, leather or canvas and serving to stay in the field. The shepherds rest at night in a tent.Article contributed by the team of collaborators.

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