What is the Meaning & Definition of shyness

Shyness is a feature present in many personalities and characterized because who presents it shows little affection to speak in public, to engage with their peers and usually when it has to do is blush, get nervous and stuttering. Also, the shyness reports to who it suffers very little self-confidence.
Worth noting is that the foregoing leads to a conditioning and a social constraint that will suffer the person who suffers from shyness, since it will tilt away, isolated from their peers to avoid this unpleasant feeling.
However, it is important that we distinguish that at a certain age and under certain circumstances it is expected, habitual and even understandable that a person shyness. For example, children between five and twelve years tend to be shy and ashamed of certain familiar situations social, but then the same goes if you are at home they have a proper containment.
Now, if you are home with protective hyper parents that let your child to suffer to prevent them frustrations, then, indirectly help to prevail this behavior.
The actions of the parents is very important at the time of temper or lead to shyness to become a chronic disorder in your child, especially if the sobreprotegen as we said also they humiliate him regularly, if they are very severe or if they inflict you with repeated penalties.
It is also normal that a person who for example is found in a context of inferiority of conditions present is shy, such is the case of a man who has been surrounded by women. In this case, shyness is something temporary and timely and in no way conditions completely to the person.
But there are other cases in which shyness Yes is a severe problem because it blocks the person and prevents a normal social development.
While there is a unique and totally effective treatment for shyness, there are some activities that can help the person suffering it to minimize their effects and implications, such is the case of: study theatre, practice techniques that help to relax and do a psychotherapy with a specialized professional help to overcome this particular problem.
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