What is the Meaning & Definition of sigh

A typically human action that expresses emotions of all kinds
Sigh is one of the most common body actions that we humans and consisting of an air breathing deep followed by exhalation of the air inhaled and in some cases even is it accompanied by a groan. Normally the objective of sighs is the expression of various emotions and feelings such as relief, anxiety, melancholy, tiredness, bitterness or desire.
As, sigh, can be the result of a positive emotion or a completely opposite, such is the case of the receipt of a passionate kiss by who loves or sitting finally after a hard working day, respectively.
We must emphasize that this action as associated to the expression of emotions is very used by the literature proposed the transmission of messages with any load of emotion. In poetry, for example, sigh, is a concept very mentioned, especially when speaking of love, love or any other feelings.
Of course that those cutest sighs are those that are the product of love or emotion linked with affection.
A culinary sigh
The word sigh also appoints a culinary preparation made from flour, egg and sugar. In Peru, the suspiro Limeño is one of the most traditional desserts of Peruvian cuisine having its origin in the 19th century. It is mainly consumed in the capital, Lima. He is added to the ingredients mentioned at the beginning milk, vanilla essence and coverage of merengue carrying egg whites, Porto and of course sugar.
Colloquial uses
On the other hand, the word has colloquial uses our language allowing us to refer to her what happens really quickly, in a very short time and is therefore considered as very ephemeral. The holidays were a sigh; the marriage of my cousin lasted what a sigh. And also when an individual is very thin, it is said that such or which is made a sigh.

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