What is the Meaning & Definition of sign

The word sign has several references...
At the behest of the signature of a declaration or a contract, when someone signs the walk or at the end of the writing or document in question is designated as a sign, or is, that the signature at the bottom of each of the parties involved in the contract ensures the agreement between the two and also of the issue of legality. Once you finish my testimonial statement, the police officer who took the same made me sign my name and surname at the end of the sheet containing it. Then both parties sign the agreement, you can have the products.
On the other hand, the word sign is recurrently used to express agreement that exists regarding the decision or the opinion of another person. After the speech, said John who subscribed to each of his words.
The term sign also allows you to subscribe to specific action-call media in order to receive a periodic publication of its contents. Although subscription is traditionally made with print media, the internet boom has led to various web sites that produce specialized on specific subject content to offer their navigators subscription service, through which they may receive via email the most outstanding information, with a variable frequency. I subscribed to the magazine of decoration DyD, starting from the month next will begin to get me home editions.
Also, Subscribe may be called the commitment to monetary contribution taken someone with a work or charity institution. I have subscribed a contribution to the work of Father Mario.
And on the other hand, the subscription of shares is a type of contract through which an individual, named subscriber, undertakes to enter into a corporation in a period, with a number of shares purchased and certain conditions, while society must give subscriber, shareholder actions title that certifies its position and ownership of the shares.
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