What is the Meaning & Definition of smoking

Referred to as smoking the practice of smoking or using tobacco in its different forms and possibilities. Regarded today as an addiction and disease by many health professionals, smoking is evident when a person consumes in abusive and exaggerated way the mentioned product. Tobacco cigarettes are widely disseminated and contain chemical elements that seek to generate dependency and making increasingly difficult its abandonment, mainly the nicotine.
Smoking is currently considered by the World Health Organization as one of the most widespread chronic diseases in the world, in addition to being responsible for generating the higher number of premature deaths due to complications of the respiratory and gastrointestinal system (various types of cancer, bronchospasm, bronchitis, cough perduradera, hoarse voice, Lung emphysema), as well as interact with other diseases such as diabetes , attack heart, cholesterol, dermatological complications.
Unfortunately, unlike what happens with other toxic substances, tobacco has a condition of legality in the society by which buy cigarettes or tobacco smoking is not a crime.
Physiologically, the tobacco Act creating a strong nicotine addiction in the nervous system of the person consuming it. So much so that the consumer not only develops a physical but also psychological addiction to the product and this is why in most cases, tobacco consumption is related to seeking to assuage feelings of anxiety, anguish, stress and hopelessness.
Paradoxically, the active elements of the tobacco, especially when this occurs in the form of cigarettes in which different chemical substances have been added, are responsible for much of the generation of higher levels of stress and anxiety in the person, rather than calm them.
While it is extremely difficult to combat tobacco advancing at different social levels, today a large number of countries have laws that prohibit smoking in public spaces, as well as also limit advertising of these products and force the tobacco industries to place relevant ads in packages on the damage that such addiction produces.

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