What is the Meaning & Definition of soap opera

The telenovela is without doubt one of the most important television genres and over seen by the public in general. Although it has its origin in the Americas, especially in the part of speaking such as Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela and Argentina, countries that produce it massively, with the passage of time became a product for export to countries of various continents also adapted.
Anyway, the market is dominated by those productions of Spanish-speaking.
What most attracts the audience of soap operas and no doubt is the reason for their success is that they are mainly narrated stories of love between men and women who must overcome assorted obstacles so that their love will triumph and finally in the majority always ends up succeeding, even in the last chapter.
The leading characters tend to be heroines or anti heroines, the latter became quite fashionable in recent times, being one of the most celebrated cases of the Colombian telenovela "Ugly Betty", in which precisely the exclusionary and female protagonist of the story was a very ugly but at the same time super intelligent woman who should be imposed in the world of fashion where everything is beautiful. That road ends falling for Heartthrob who first doesn't appreciate it for what it is, but in the end Yes will make it love triumphing.
It should be noted that in addition to the characters lead that tend to be a man and a woman, also in the soap opera, villains or antagonists have a crucial, and there are even some who get up to be as popular as the protagonists.
On the other hand, there is a large group of secondary, supporting actors who have enormous weight in the history and that have parallel and their own stories in the same story and that obviously relate to the players.
No we can ignore that if well mentioned are the pillars and condiments essential novels, with the passing of the years, subjects have evolved and in addition to love stories arise rather everyday problems and real and already take precedence not so ideal and fantastic worlds.
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