What is the Meaning & Definition of sole

The single word is which more usually used to designate what turns out to be one and only, either in their species or in a particular category.
Then, this unique use of the word is used to mean that there is a single copy of something or someone, situation that will mean that it is not possible to find something equal, simile. Meanwhile, in case of bumping us facing something similar, probably, be a replica inspired by the original. This German wall clock is unique in its design, you will be able to search and search, but you'll never find another like. Laura is the only student of your class that ended the task when the teacher demanded it.
But there is also another very common use of the word only and is one that allows you to call that which stands out due to its uniqueness and because it exceeds the limits of the ordinary and usual. Worth noting that this sense of the term is mostly used with a positive intention, i.e., that someone qualifies as the only is because stands efficiently from the rest of the possibilities that accompany it. The latest Madonna album is unique, has a truly extraordinary sound.
Uniqueness is the term that refers to the quality of single and it's a concept that is very present in different fields of study such as philosophy, mathematics, theology, biology, among others.
When one speaks of something unique will mean it is one, why is that term also refers the number one (1). The number one is the first of the natural numbers, which precedes the zero and before him the number two (2).
Moreover, at the request of the computer, the unique visitor will be that internet users who visit a website and which counted it as a unique, even having visited the web site in question on several occasions.
And in the sphere of the anime, unique is the name of a popular manga (anime) that was created by Osamu Tezuka in the mid-1970s. Unique is a Unicorn that has red hair and baby whose main mission is to fulfill the wishes people and cause them to happiness.
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