What is the Meaning & Definition of speed

Speed is the physical quantity that displays and expresses the variation in position of an object and as a function of time, which would be the same as saying that it is the distance traveled by an object in the unit of time. But in addition to the weather, to define the speed of movement of an object, will need to take into account also the direction and sense of the mentioned displacement. Therefore, units to define the speed are based both in distance (meters, centimeters, kilometers) parameters and variables related to time (seconds, minutes). While the most popular in the world of Spanish-speaking speed is kilometer/hour, Saxon countries tend to use even the mph. However, science with physics or chemistry, prefer to use the international system, by which it is suggested to express the speed in meters/second.
According to the amount of travel time, the speed can be of different types: media, instant and relative. The average speed report speed in a given interval and is reached by dividing the displacement by the elapsed time. Therefore, experts often speak of difference ("delta", in the jargon of the sciences) between distances and times. Thus, the average speed of a collective will be the result of dividing the distance between the headers ("delta-espacio") and the time that it took to go from one to another ("delta-tiempo").
On the other hand, instantaneous velocity allows us to know the speed of an object that moves certain way with the special characteristic that the lapse of time is infinitely small, being also the space that runs very small, representing us just one point of the path mentioned. As we see, it's a concept actually theoretical, very applied in the hard sciences. On the other hand, the relative speed between two observers will emerge from the value of the speed of an observer as measured by the other. This way, if 2 vehicles approaching each other on the front and one of them moves to 20 km/h and the other at 40 km/h, the relative speed between them will be of 60 kh/h. On the other hand, if one of them advances to 100 km/h and another chases him to 120 km/h, the relative speed of the second to the first is 20 km/h.
The rate is a concept widely used in the world of sport also, since a good part of the sports that are practiced, such as football, basketball, hockey, tennis, among others, require an important preparation for this, since resistance which is achieved at the level of speed, will depend on much the success of the athlete gets in his career. This is even more evident in disciplines such as swimming, athletics, marathon or martial arts.
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