What is the Meaning & Definition of spelling

The term's spelling allows you to refer to that sign or the number of signs which are represented in written form, either a sound or a spoken word. Meanwhile, by sign, refers to that which we spontaneously or by Convention when wanting to realize or represent an idea or thing.
To better understand what we will provide an example, the image of a E capital letter red crossed a line by oblique red will say in that place which appears ready is not allowed one to park a vehicle, for example, must avoid Park it there since do we suffer the consequences of doing so, such is the case of being fined by the transit authority.
While, in the sign we have two elements, on the one hand the signifier, which is what we see, we touch, in our example would be E capital crossed by an oblique line red, and on the other hand the meaning, that is the idea, that we of course do not touch and transmitting us the sign in question.
The science that deals with the study of the signs is semiotics. And speaking of signs, this differentiates between conventional signs, which tell us something concrete, as stipulated, and indications, which are those that are set by the action of nature and not always mean for all the same.
On the other hand, spelling, is one of the suffixes of more widespread use in our language, which has a Greek origin and which can refer matters such as: writing, description, and image.
In addition, this suffix is contained in the name of many Sciences (geography, hydrography, demography, etc.), literary genres (biography, autobiography) and concepts associated with writing (spelling, typography, calligraphy, among others).
Normally, the Word spelling is often replaced in use by its synonym letter and writing, to the most popular name.
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