What is the Meaning & Definition of spokesman

A spokesman is that individual who is engaged in a way professional to speak on behalf of another, of a third party, whether it is another individual, an organization, a company, one public institution, among others. Or that every time you talk the speaker of such or which company or organization I will be actually hearing the voice of the company.
Also known as spokesman, the spokesman, to perform satisfactory work with respect to the communication of those who represent will need to have knowledge of oratory, journalism and all that relates to communication, because constantly your job will require you to appear in the mass media, whether written or oral way and also will be in constant contact with journalists situation no less, it will be thanks to the good arrival have with journalists that the information spreading will have the opportunity to reach more people. The media make of vehicle to carry information that you want to communicate to society.
Generally, artists, politicians, prominent athletes, organizations or public bodies have a spokesman who will act whenever you need to communicate to the public any information of interest.
Should be noted, that does not necessarily the spokesman or spokeswoman has to be a journalist or a professional Communicator, because although it is ideal, in reality, many times we have spokespeople are part of the Organization in question, which were chosen as such by its qualities when it comes to communication.
In the case of enterprises, it is recurrent spokesman to appear when it is necessary to rectify any information that does not agree with reality or when it is necessary to announce a new product or service. The same applies to personalities and public entities.
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