What is the Meaning & Definition of storm of ideas

Brainstorm is the translation into Spanish of the term brainstorming. It's not any paranormal phenomenon of an own business strategy. It is to propose ideas and suggestions within the context of a meeting in order to find a solution to a problem.
Companies need to explore new avenues in relation to its activity, and so it is necessary to manage very different ideas, from which it is decided which of them can be interesting.
For the format of brainstorming does not become an anarchic and little operational meeting, whereas there is a responsible person with experience who can lead the meeting effectively.

Brainstorming in the world of marketing

Imagine receiving an advertising company executives commissioned a soda brand to launch to the market a new drink. The customer wants to sell soft drinks and expected advertising experts to find an attractive idea that translates into a TV spot with hook. To decide the type of ad, the different professionals involved in the campaign have a first meeting where begins the creative process with a storm of ideas.
Each of the members participating in the meeting can come up with something: the kind of music, the history of ad, actors, special effects or anything they consider relevant. At the initial time, the proposals have a certain disorder and at the same time a great intensity. In this sense, the bombing of ideas looks like the impact of a storm. Exchange of different opinions and comments intends to appear a solution for the advertising campaign.

What's involved in brainstorm

Behind this strategy, there are a number of aspects that are worth mentioning. First, is a common implementation that breaks the principle classical labour hierarchy (a good idea can come from anyone). Secondly, this procedure has a multiplier effect (two people think better than one and three better than two).
In addition, participants brainstormed work all for a common goal, with which there is a clear component of teamwork. Another interesting aspect is the stimulation of competitiveness between people who make proposals (each one of them wants that their idea is that finally takes practice). In this way, you could say that the brainstorming has a double effect: the search for a good solution, and parelalamente, a series of associated side effects.
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