What is the Meaning & Definition of storm

The word storm supports various applications, though, without a doubt, the most widespread is one that occurs at the behest of the weather and that tells us that the storm is a highly regular phenomenon that occurs in the atmosphere of our planet when happens a joint and presence of two or more air masses that have different values of temperatures , and as a result, are plausible cause strong rains accompanied by thunder.
Then, such a scenario, leads to a climatic situation of great instability in which surely will appear, accompanying, lightning, high winds and possibly hail.
To be noted, that while one is the cell of storm that has a horizontal around length of ten square kilometers, in the majority of cases often develop several cells that cause tremendous rains during a long period of time.
In addition, some storms contain what are called vortices of air, which is nothing more that wind around its Center, similar to what happens with hurricanes; These types of storms are so intense that is likely to develop waterspouts and tornadoes. The most common is to locate them in closed regions in which it is not easy to wind to escape.
Meanwhile, there are different types of storms, among them: thunderstorm (this kind abound in lightning and Thunder), tropical storm (called so because it is characteristic of tropical regions and is characterized by a closed circulation of winds around a center which boasts very low pressure and unleashes heavy rains and strong winds), ice storm (rain falls from clouds in the form of snow) , dust storm (it is a characteristic of the desert climate phenomena and in which stands an impressive amount of sand that prevents the vision), igneous storm (it's a movement shaped air mass and is a direct result of the fire).
On the other hand, in everyday language, also we have other extended references of the term storm, allowing, on the one hand, refer a calamity or disaster determined that causes severe consequences on someone or something. And on the other hand implies a tense demonstration, whether of the State of mind or a passion.
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