What is the Meaning & Definition of stroke

Stroke is a term often used in our language and from which we can see various issues according to the context of use.
Meanwhile, most popular and widespread use is recorded at the behest of the writing and allows you to designate the line or stripe we do on paper, using a pencil, a pen, a marker, among other writing utensils, and from which it is possible to give you way to a letter or figure.
Also, the word stroke appoints series of straight or curved lines that are reflected in a paper through a writing tool and without raising the same bracket which is performing it. It should be noted, that this sense of the Word takes on a remarkable presence in Oriental languages since it implies the classical way in which the characters are.
There are some languages, as in the case of the Chinese and Japanese, in which the stroke is a place very special since it is precisely the number of strokes which allows to carry out the classification of the characters and also boasts an outstanding importance order given to strokes and ending by writing the character in question.
In the specific case of Chinese writing, there are about 30 strokes, of which no more than eight are the basics, the rest, it will be a combination of those.
Worth mentioning is that some characters demand a stroke involving several changes of address, for example, above downwards and then to the right.
On the other hand, in the field of construction a stroke involves measurement and delimitation on a given territory of dimensions that will see a construction site.
And in Spain, stroke, is the name that refers to a municipality that is located in the province of La Coruña and which corresponds to the autonomous community of Galicia. It has an area of 101,30 square kilometers and a population of a little more than three thousand and four hundred.
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