What is the Meaning & Definition of substrate

The concept that we are discussing has various applications in our language and which occur in various contexts.
A Word, multiple uses
In its more general and broad use the substrate would be the substance of things, be of the same.
In geology...
On the other hand, and in the field of geology is called substrate the soil layer that lies beneath the layer would be the surface of the ground. It also tends to appear named as subsoil.
You can normally be composed of clay or sand that have suffered a partial action by climatic agents such as air, wind, water and Sun, among others. Such a situation is that its color turns out to be a little more clear, Brown could say. Noteworthy is that in it are the deep roots of the trees that we see on the surfaces.
In ecology...
Following in the natural environment, Ecology uses the term to refer to that area which has homogeneous environmental conditions and then allow some living organisms develop normally and be linked to other living beings.
In Linguistics...
In another completely different from the mentioned area as it is Linguistics also we find a definition for this word. The influence exercised by the language of a geographical location on another language that decides for x reason settle in this territory is so called. For example, a Paraguayan community speak Guaraní and sits on Argentine soil obviously this language will be influenced by the Spanish language which is the one spoken in the Argentina.
And more...
On the other hand, and at the behest of photography substrate consists in that bathroom that applies on a stand to get the fixing between the light sensitive coating and glass.
Meanwhile, in the colloquial use of speech the word substrate is used often to refer to what remained for so long in the shadows, something inside and suddenly emerges and is displayed openly.
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