What is the Meaning & Definition of Superior

The adjective above indicates that something has a feature that, in some sense, is better in relation to another thing or person. The idea of superiority implies a value, which can be quantitative and measurable or, on the contrary, a qualitative and therefore more subjective and opinion matter.

Objectivity or subjectivity in relation to superiority depends on the context of the language

Let's look at a concrete example. If we say "the Russian athlete is superior to the German" can mean two different things:
1. that in an objective manner the first is better (for example, because it has a higher personal brands).
2 that the first has better conditions, regardless of the records obtained.
Also, the concept of superior has a descriptive sense. Thus, if something is in a higher proportion, we can say is located at a higher level. When it comes to classifying a data series, the ordering of the same is a purely descriptive matter and there is no qualitative or quantitative connotations.

Understanding the term professional

The top term is used as a synonym for head, i.e. the person who has a hierarchical position of higher rank in relation to other individuals. This happens in any human organization (of type labor, religious, military and others), in which it is necessary to establish a structure to define responsibilities and different functions.

The complex of superiority and the idea of comparison

The idea of superior normally has a variable: its comparative component. If we say that we are at a higher level, this is so because there is another lower level. And the same is true in any sense in which we use the top Word, because its meaning is always refers to its opposite, the inferior.
The upper end has a very curious sense and is associated with human psychology: the superiority complex. There are individuals who have a sense of inferiority and to compensate for this is autoconvencen and feel superior.

A superior being

The reality that surrounds us compels us to ask about the origin of everything. Faced with this question, some consider that a superior being only can be the cause of all that surrounds us. This belief is based on a component-based in religious faith and, at the same time, a rational idea, since everything necessarily has a cause. Even those who defend the existence of the world as a phenomenon of nature (the famous Big Bang) understand that it is not incompatible with the existence of a superior being.
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