What is the Meaning & Definition of Supplement

The concept of Supplement applies so extended our language and to refer issues that we will review below.
In general terms, the supplement is what supplements, extended or which has the function of complement to something else. Normally, that is added to something intends to improve it or improve it. My mom had a supplement in their salary of the month and that could manage the House.
On the other hand, the word supplement has a special use at the behest of the media graphics, magazines and newspapers, since this is called to that sheet, special section or independent publication that accompanies the regular number of magazine or newspaper, sold it and deals with a subject or discipline specific, for example architecture supplement , women supplement, Supplement for decoration, health supplement, Supplement of culture, among others.
Today it is common that we find these special sections in almost all the major newspapers of the world. The motivation is to generate content grouped on the same topic, people who care for them, buy the supplement and the journal with which sold associated. Also intends to provide special content readers, beyond the typical news.
And the recurrent feature of all supplements is that one day every week with which readers already know to what day comes the supplement of interest.
And in terms of food, the word supplement also has a reference given is thus referred to those special preparations that have different vitamins and are indicated to those people who are deficient in the same by poor diet, the practice of any sport or stress.
There are supplements of various types: multivitamins (are characterized by varied and also mineral vitamins), Group B (belonging to the B group vitamins they contain, and sometimes also have vitamins) C and a single vitamin supplement (they contain only a single vitamin and is recommended only for those who know their vitamin deficiency in this vitamin).
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