What is the Meaning & Definition of survival

Ability to survive living

The word survival is used to signal the ability to survive that can possess any living being. Normally apply it when we managed to survive to a particular event that just put our lives in danger, such is the case of an earthquake, terrorist attacks, a fire, a shipwreck, among other serious events; more symbolically when we want to refer to continue living after the death of a loved; or the situation of having to live in very adverse conditions and without any resources.

The dangers threaten the existence

In the majority of cases, however, it uses it to refer to specific situations in which the possibility of continuing to live is threatened by both external and internal agents and different hazards. Survival is one of the most characteristic elements of living things and has to do with the desire that we all possess to live and avoid all situations or circumstances that may affect our lives.

The survival instinct is natural

Survival is one of the capabilities that any be alive has to exceed specific circumstances that may threaten his life. In all cases, the survival instinct occurs spontaneous and immediate way by way of calming situations of imminent danger. Such instincts can be represented by the actions of different type than they are not they normally follow (such as getting certain types of foods, consume them otherwise, protected elements or in different spaces, etc.), and this is where survival sets to be live in a matter in situations of exceptional.
Referred to the person who manages to survive popularly as survivor and undoubtedly the most common is that survivors are such after recovering in an extreme situation or an accident of gravity.

Accidents, attacks, severe weather events, affect survival

Throughout history we have read, heard or witnessed events terminals that put at risk the lives of many people.
The attacks on the twin towers at the World Trade Center in New York left as balance thousands of fatalities but at the same time many survivors to achieve through various resources to save his life and they could count in first person the tragedy.
Intense weather events that occur around the world also propose events of high danger that many affected people can fortunately survive, because he managed to hide, clinging to some element or simply because it had the good fortune of not being dragged by them, such is the case of earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes.
Also, road accidents tend to be fatal and surviving victims. On the routes and in the streets is where more accidents of this type are produced and as we all know the consequences can be deadly, but there are many people who take certain steps are saved.
There isn't a manual of the survivor but as mentioned already exist elements that can help a person to stay alive, if it is affected by any of these situations and techniques shown or if suddenly become isolated from nature. Know how to provide food, protection from the weather and know how to cure wounds.
On the other hand, and in the case of humans, the survival may also occur in voluntary and planned way. So when individuals decide to put his body and his mind to the test to sort different types of situations that are characterized by out of routine or typical forms of life.
In the case of the human being, survival always has to do with back to those spaces that are not so common, in which the nature in its wild state is who reigns and in which technological and residential amenities no longer are available. Obviously, to deal with such circumstances, always must be with prior preparation and training.
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