What is the Meaning & Definition of Sushi

The sushi is known as one of the most representative (though not the only) meals of Japan at the international level. Attractive because of its simplicity but also for its delicious taste, colorful ingredients and its variety of possibilities, the sushi is currently one of the gastronomic dishes of greater popularity in the world and this becomes visible in the major proliferation of establishments engaged in its production and sale even in regions where little and nothing is known of Japan.
When describing it, you can say that sushi is basically a roll consisting of boiled rice and other flavors (which vary significantly between preparation and preparation). This roll is wrapped in seaweed which are to give firmness and help keep it armed. This base is normal in a large number of sushi options, however it is not the only and currently infinite possibilities of Assembly, preparation and flavor you can find. Among the most common ingredients that accompanied the rice variety of vegetables as well as a variety of fish (including salmon is the most common) should be mentioned on the one hand.
The sushi is particularly attractive because it is eaten with Chinese sticks and not the traditional Western cutlery (which can be disassembled easily). Each of the various preparations has a specific name and this is why that consider all variants are sushi is a clear mistake.
When preparing sushi some basic issues must be taken into account. Firstly, it is very important work with extremely fresh food, especially with regard to fish since they are raw. The rice must be of a special type that release much starch and allowing their grains sticking forming a firm roll. Finally, vegetables also should be fresh and of great quality to avoid possible fermentations.

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