What is the Meaning & Definition of suspense

The more widespread meaning of this word is that applies to below the approved school qualification. You have a suspense in a matter as well, indicates that the student has not passed a test or examination and, therefore, the obtained note is not satisfactory.
While a suspense means that do not have enough knowledge, is not the same stop with a 4.5 on 10 points that get a 0 (in the first case the student is very close to the approved). In any case, in schools the suspense is synonymous with failure and tends to have consequences: does not pass to the next course or having to perform a recovery of the unapproved test.
Tense moments in which one feels pressure
The idea of suspense also applies to other circumstances in an assessment test are: obtaining the driving licence, some oppositions, a review of access to an institution, etc.
The suspense of a test generates various psychological reactions: a feeling of temporary defeat, a stimulus for the challenge test on a next occasion to approve the definitive renunciation of the objective.
Other meanings in terms of perplexity and Tension
When a person is disoriented and doubt about something, is a feeling of uncertainty. In these circumstances, suspense indicates perplexity ("I was suspended when I heard"). This meaning is similar to the idea of suspense in the literature or cinema, i.e., the tension of the reader or the Viewer to some uncertain and unpredictable events. It must be borne in mind that suspense and thriller (which comes from the latin suspensus) share the same meaning, because in both cases there is a doubt about something. Interestingly, suspense is used more often in Latin America, while suspense is more common in Spain.
Formation of expressions
The words end up forming expressions and it is what happens with the expression "in abeyance", which means that something has been stopped temporarily pending any final decision. Leave something on the back burner carries its stoppage for any purpose. Suppose that a person has to decide on something important, but wants to meditate carefully what you will do and says that "he prefers to put on hold its decision until it has studied in depth the situation". The resource not to decide for a while may be suspicious, and may indicate that they want to buy time or that is intended to evade responsibility.
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