What is the Meaning & Definition of Suspension

According to the context in which will use it, the term suspension refer various questions.
Stopping or suspension of an action that was deployed is called suspension. John received a suspension in their employment, should not go all week. The striker received a one-year suspension.
On the other hand, in the field of the mechanical automotive, suspension is the set of parts and mechanisms whose goal are on the one hand supported by the body of a car on the axes of the wheels and on the other hand make elastic the absorb the bumps and jumps experienced by the vehicle when it crosses some irregular roads. The truck has the same suspension that a year ago when I bought it. Because of a pothole, I broke the suspension of the car.
There are different types of suspensions: which unites both wheels by means of elastic so that the movement is transmitted from one to another; then there are the independent calls, in which the dynamic elements are not linked dynamically; on the other hand, the active suspensions have a hydraulic or pneumatic system which will generate the forces that are necessary to compensate for the pitching and rolling of the automobile; and the hydropneumatic suspensions have nitrogen to make smoother control of the vehicle.
In chemistry, is called suspension smorgasbord comprised of a solid, which will disperse in a liquid or gaseous medium.
At the behest of the music, it is called as a suspension to the prolongation of a note that is part of a chord, on the next, producing dissonance.
In the field of rhetoric, we also find the term, which refers to the figure that is to defer the Declaration of the concept.
And the expression in suspension is used to indicate the status of those particles or bodies that are more or less prolonged in the bosom of a fluid.

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