What is the Meaning & Definition of suspicion

The suspicion can be described as the conduct in which raw material a tilt toward the mistrust and suspicion and that any human being can be observed either momentarily and a certain situation that deserves it and drives it, either because it is part of his attitude in and life.
Usually, the suspicious person usually always see evil or bad intention in the acts and words of the rest of the people surrounding it, although of course, they do not have it.
While it is certainly an issue positive note some suspicion in some situations that will bring life, as it may be to have distrust when at midnight and in the middle of the street someone asks us a currency, implying this requirement that we have to open our wallet or bag and being so prone to theft, on many other issues , as it could well be the same situation we use example but full day and with a few meters of our police officer, may already be an attitude that rubs the sick and paranoid.
Also in other contexts, such as that of business, suspicion can be an excellent ally to not fall to any type of mirror of colors and that mean for example the end of our business, but at the same time and in other conditions, the suspicion in the same field can be decisive so that a good agreement is not carried out.
By this same which we have been describing is that suspicion to an extent is a matter that has to be very welcome for anyone who holds it or put it in practice, because as we said well can save us potatoes at some point in our lives.
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