What is the Meaning & Definition of SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle)

A SUV, or Sport Utility Vehicle is the name that is given to a type of vehicle which, as indicated in its name, is intended for sports use but not in the sense of competition, but in the sense of leisure of its owner or its occupants.

SUV is a trade name for a type of vehicle which share characteristics of the Station Wagon but which ultimately are built on the basis of light trucks, in a special paragraph segment between them. On as Off Road are usually equipped with four-wheel-drive 4 × 4 systems both, however it is not an indispensable condition that have this system of traction.
SUVS also have as one of its main features the great towing capacity (own a true pick-up for example) but with the fantastic possibility of comfortable space and enough for passengers and baggage as they are in a mini - van. Given its characteristics generally shared platform of production with some trucks on the market.
Its popularity was on the rise since the end of the ' 90s until well entered the 2,000 although they have not been few times that such vehicles have been criticized because of its consumption high (in many cases) and their relatively poor safety conditions. Gradually car factories have been able to respond to customers in this sense and little by little the traditional SUV have left its place to the so-called Crossover SUVS, which are somewhat lighter and have another type of consumption but they are not recommended by their manufacturers for use off-road or as cargo vehicle.

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