What is the Meaning & Definition of Swag

Style of behavior and physical appearance which adopt the cultists of the hip hop and rap

The word swag belongs to the English language where it is especially used in colloquial terms to mean that someone has wave and style when it comes to dressing, or behave, i.e. following the current fashion in some context parameters. Meanwhile in its original use, the word was used to refer to the way of walking in particular presenting a person.
Now, its use has been reduced currently the description style of dress, behavior and walking very special having the cultists of music such as hip hop and rap moves. They have just been some singers that follow these music styles those who have contributed to the spread of the term. Puff Daddy and Justin Bieber, Eminem, Kanye West, among others, can be categorized as swag.

Fashion features

Basically it is clothing and way of walking which stands out someone as swag. Typical clothing offers comfort and case is that it is loose, prioritizing sports type clothes, which seem to fall because they buckle well below normal in the waist and pants allowing up to appreciate underwear, shirts without sleeves, jackets leather or sports, slippers, and boots as footwear. And in regards to the accessories stand out: hats with visors to side, chains, bracelets, rings and much tattoo and piercing. Swag wants above all else to call everyone's attention and of course with this selection of apparel and accessories get it.
Not only the artist choose this mode of lookearse, the trend also reached his followers who very faithfully follow fashion swag to demonstrate the unconditionality with their idols and all that they represent and propose.

Defiant and arrogant attitude

But the swag also implies a way of behaving in which stands out the defiant, arrogant attitude and in some cases to violent. And Yes, if we review some of the names of artists swag mentioned above we will check what we say. For example, Justin Bieber, in addition to dressing in the described conditions, displayed a rebellious, defiant behavior and often violent.

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