What is the Meaning & Definition of Talado

Cut refers to the activity of felling or cutting trees. Felling is one of the oldest activities of human beings to utilize natural resources which medium provides and even though he has always served it, it was not until relatively recently that it became a serious threat to the environmental wellbeing and to the continuity of human life.
The felling of trees is done with the aim to use the natural resource representing wood and derivatives of it as paper or cellulose. While the wood can be used for making furniture, constructions and numerous platforms, paper is used on a daily basis. The excessive consumption of these natural resources is what makes the environment suffer the consequences of abuse since not only consumed in great quantity if not that disposed of large part of used instead of recycling it.
The felling of trees, while necessary in a sense so that man can provide the resources referred to, is a danger for several reasons. Firstly, because the trees are responsible for balancing the ratio between oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air, producing the first and consuming the second. To lower the amount of trees and natural reserves (forests and forests), the atmospheric balance, increasing carbon dioxide and thus raising the overall temperature of the planet is lost.
At the same time, controlled no felling of trees changes the available soils and the territory, making the grounds become less fertile and that, in addition, phenomena such as rain, will generate serious consequences such as flooding large moderately urban or urban areas.
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