What is the Meaning & Definition of Talisman

An object, image or figure full of supernatural power and that it helps to counteract the evil spirits and desiresThe talisman is an object, a figure or a picture are allocated to which both virtues and some supernatural power. Of course those who attributed to them this power to talismans believe in superstition, i.e., that there are people who are able to make us an evil or harm, and to counteract their actions need the talisman.
It is common for people to use talismans with the idea to keep away evil spirits, or bad waves that threaten them and with them protect themselves effectively from these.
Since very ancient times mankind makes use of the talisman to just attract good luck and chase away of their environment to evil spirits.

The talisman works if it has been awarded as such by its creator

Talismans are usually materials such as gold and silver precious stones and you can have a singular form, anyway, talismans such as four-leaf clover, Horseshoe, or rabbit's foot are not discarded.
It should be noted that the functioning of the talisman will only give from his consecration to be invested with that supernatural power from someone with authority in this regard.
While there are some fine differences between the two, the concept of talisman is often used interchangeably with the amulet.
Case is that the talismans and amulets are usually associated with good luck and so it is that people who are superstitious always carries one in your purse or wallet to chase away any evil or danger.
Without this superstition will require little work for making talismans, but clear, if there is it will be very important to that person and any loss or ungrateful with them situation will believe very inauspicious.

The best-known talismans: elephants, horseshoes, rabbit's foot, four-leaf clover...

You have already named above some talismans of popular use: leg of rabbit, Horseshoe, and four-leaf clover but there are many more also use extended, such is the case of the elephant believed to attract success and good fortune and the trunk pointing to the gateway to the House must be placed. Campaigns also feature the same and you should have them grind away the bad waves of the place.
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