What is the Meaning & Definition of talk

It is called to speak to the ability to communicate using sounds that has the human being. These sounds are produced by the fonador unit, which includes language, veil of vocal cords, palate, teeth, etc. This property is distinctive in the man, and if well is present in various species of the animal Kingdom, is in the nature of man that reaches its highest manifestation, in that it displays a high degree of complexity and abstraction in relation to the content. The discipline that aims to explain the communication by speech is called linguistics. This was initiated at the beginning of century by Ferdinand de Saussure through the notes taken by his students in their classes who formed the famous course of General Linguistics; his remarks took to language as a set of structures of various levels, and would be the impetus for the formation of the current structuralist, who has devoted himself to the study of social sciences. There are many approaches to using existing Linguistics addressed to speech and communication through this, but one of the most conspicuous is the elaborated by Noam Chomsky.
Chomsky from the establishment of a universal grammar; This model differentiates between what exists as common in all languages and those elements in each one of them; Thus, it addresses the description of a syntax that is applicable to every language of the world. It should be noted that his ideas went through different periods and avatars, but have been highlights offered by 20th-century linguistics.
Despite the theories and advances it in matter, the ability to speak by the time dark aspects and difficult elucidation that maybe obtained response in the future. Complexity in such a short period of time is no doubt a riddle to solve.
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