What is the Meaning & Definition of tangent

The tangent word in its broadest sense refers to that which touches.
Meanwhile, the term presents an importance and an outstanding presence in the field of geometry, since it applies to two etymologically related but different concepts: straight tangent and tangent of an angle.
The tangent line is the straight line that presents a single point in common with a curve, i.e., the point of tangency, and this is the point that generates the slope of the curve.
On the other hand, the tangent of an angle is the ratio between the legs of a right triangle.
It can be expressed numerically from the division between the length of the opposite side and the adjacent side of the angle in question.
And for trigonometry, the arc tangent is the inverse of the tangent of an angle just above function.
Although in addition to the mathematical and geometrical field, the word tangent has a presence rather recurrentement in the common language... is frequent use of the phrase go for tangent, which refers to the action displays an individual and which consists basically of deviating from a central theme of conversation or debate, for example, to refer to other issues that do not have any direct link with what was commenting on or discussing. I.e., the comment will play in some way to the theme but will not be the same.
Also, leave the expression by tangent turns out to be a synonym of expressions such as go for branches or seized for the side of tomatoes. Especially, they are used when someone starts talking about a subject and then finishes its exhibition talking about something completely different without having clear as it is that came to the same. Likewise, when someone evades an answer to a question referring to another topic are often use these expressions to refer such behavior.

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