What is the Meaning & Definition of Tangible

As an adjective qualifying tangible term is used to designate or appoint those things or phenomena that you can play or enjoy through touch. More Needless to say that the same can be applied to a myriad of items or things like reality and provided that they can be verifiable through touch, they can be considered tangible. Sometimes, the Word can use metaphorical way to refer to things that are so easy or affordable to acting almost as if they were tangible.
The idea of tangible or tangibility can have one thing has to do with the reality, all those phenomena that can be witnessed with the senses, especially with the touch. Thus, this term can be used in many different cases, for example when it says that the scaly skin of the fish is tangible or that a surface is tangibly rough. Following this idea, the notion of tangible can also be applied to different types of scientific investigations or criminal investigations for which the possibility of using something concrete as evidence always is important and far more useful to rely on assumptions.
However, as noted, the term tangible is not simply a term that applies to real things or which can be checked with the touch. Thus, it is common to use this word in a metaphorical way to refer to things or phenomena that are not quite visible with all senses but that yes they can be checked, for example when one speaks of the tangible growth of a company. There are are referring to numbers, no to physical growth, but being those numbers so obvious and clear the tangible term is then used to account for that is how it is said.
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