What is the Meaning & Definition of Tango

Tango is a musical genre and a typical dance of the Río de la Plata region, especially in the urban areas of Argentina and Uruguay. The musical form that presents is binary, theme and chorus, and its beat is four quarters, although paradoxically in everyday language it is called as a two by four. The traditional interpretation is by orquesta típica or Sextet, being his instrument par excellence, i.e., where there is pure tango bandoneon bandoneon.
Anyway, and despite being the main instrument, the bandoneon, obviously, will not be the only one that provides us with the tango, violin, double bass, piano and guitar are the other instruments that come together to give us this typical melody.
Deserve a special paragraph tango lyrics, which accompany the music and which undoubtedly form an unbeatable Alliance. The main features are: who are based in lunfardo, a rioplatense popular jargon and special and recursively expressed heartbreaks or political claims.
There are many and very popular tango singers, although there is one, Carlos Gardel, which undoubtedly has stood out from the rest and still today, having spent more than a hundred years since its birth, remains that has given us better interpretations.
Symbol and icon of the genre that occupies us, is today the continuing discussion regarding if born in France or Uruguay, although there is something concrete and tested, since childhood lived in the Republic of Argentina. In 1935 it physically disappeared in Colombia as a result of a plane crash, but their interpretation, s as it could not be otherwise, they were immortalized and today are a resounding success of the genre in the world.
Some other outstanding and also very popular tango singers is Tita Merello, Roberto Goyeneche, Cacho Castaña, Alberto Castillo and Adriana Varela. Meanwhile, in the field of musical composition there are other so many big names, among them: Osvaldo Pugliese, Enrique Santos Discépolo, Francisco Canaro, Cátulo Castillo, Edmundo Rivero, Aníbal Troilo, Astor Piazzolla and Mariano Mores.
And in regard to the strictly choreographic, tango is danced from the embrace of the couple and involves a highly complex and sensual dance. The first issue is that at the beginning of the 20th century, the same, only was danced in nightclubs, since it was forbidden for its incitement to lust.
And the multitude of steps that has make it a dance actually very difficult to deploy for beginners, it will take time and years of study and practice to achieve stand out in the.
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