What is the Meaning & Definition of Target

Goal, purpose, goal, where it gets the focus, directed to

The target word is originally English language where it can be used to refer issues such as goal, purpose, goal, where it gets the focus or be directed to...

Public that a trade-mark is intended to capture through its advertising campaigns

In the meantime, we must emphasize that as well as with so many other words of this language, use transcended the limits of their own language and certainly its use has spread to the Spanish language. More precisely it is the advertising field that uses the concept to refer to the public, consumer and recipient to which a trade-mark is intended to capture through its advertising campaigns.
I.e., any advertising campaign is planned will be designed in a way to capture the attention of a specific target or type of audience.
Of course that in the determination of the target you will have everything to do product or service that is advertising. An advertising campaign of diapers will be aimed at a target consisting of parents between 25 and 45 years, who are those who acquire in final product of diapers.

Ideal construction of the target

Now, we must mention that the target implies a recipient or public ideal, that is created from the planning of the campaign. In the instance of production and thinking of those who are those who consume the product in question is that you constructed the target, always very ideally.

It helps to attract consumer and optimize resources

In marketing and advertising, determine the target is very important since having an idea as close as possible to those who will be those who will buy the product who is promoting or by launching will always help to optimize resources and approaching the maximum that can be to the success of sales.
If the determination of this question fails, surely, the campaign will address an audience with few chances of purchasing a product and therefore it will be wasting resources put at the service of the goal.
I.e., if the idea is to launch a new proposal of diapers we can not direct that message to a target of college students because certainly many of them are not thinking in parenting or already in that situation.
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