What is the Meaning & Definition of task

The term task is used to designate that work and work which usually demand on the part of who carried out some effort and to be held for a limited time, i.e., there is a time limit for its completion.
The origin of the word comes from the Arabic language, more precisely from the word tariha, which just means a task or work.
Meanwhile, in everyday life and also depending on the age that you possess, humans almost always deploy different tasks.
When they marry, or failing that let the House of parents at the time of the arrival of the independence of the family, men and women carry out what is called domestic tasks, which are to be carried out with the Mission of taking care of the household in which is inhabited, among them are: cooking washing clothes, dishes, ironing, caring for children, shopping.
Once and until some decades ago, this kind of task were virtually intended completely to women, since them by not having to go out to work as yes men, did played them staying at home and dealing with all that the same per is needed, such as cleaning, but also had to deal with people who lived in the same , the husband, the children, among others.
However, at present, this situation is practically non-existent since both male and female work at the same time and then this type of tasks are shared or well and to the extent of the possibilities of each, it is common that a person is hired to make play them.
Another very common task is the school thing is that teachers assign to students in the school carry it out there in individual or group in order to reinforce the skills learned in class or start new ones. In the mentioned order, teachers seek students put into practice his intellect solving problems, finding data, making arguments, practicing reading, analyzing sentences, among other activities.
And finally we have the craft or manual tasks that are those which are characterized by their realization will take place through the hands, for example, a painting, knitting a sweater. By this question to be directly made by the hands of man, not a machine these tasks have a special added value when the thing comes to your marketing.
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