What is the Meaning & Definition of Te Amo

I love you expression is one of the most popular and used in the current language expressions and whose main raison d ' être is to make you know, through words, someone, a family member, a friend, a couple, how much that wants it to and appreciated.
Although is more extended use at the behest of the passionate love we felt the individuals on the other, is also frequent that we use the I love you to express all our love for a brother, a mother, as we pointed out above. But yes, always, love implies a sense of enormous affection for another.
Then, who loves, who feels love for someone used this popular expression, the simile in the English language is I Love You...
Meanwhile, love is defined as a set of behaviors and unconditional and unselfish attitude manifested among humans who have the ability to develop emotional intelligence. With this we want to express that not only human beings are able to experience the love, but that sentiment is also plausible to be experienced by other species, such is the case of the dolphins, the IFS and buts, horses, cats, among others.
Psychology, discipline that to engage pre-eminently the man and his mind, also is he doomed to love knowledge, being this one of the most common feelings experienced by man throughout his life, emphasizes three components of love: passion (State which involves a strong desire of union), privacy (feeling that will promote the desire to be close to who loves) and commitment (an essential element so that love endures).

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