What is the Meaning & Definition of teaching unit

At the behest of a context of teaching, this concept refers to a space ordered and planned learning, used usually in early grades, such as early childhood education and primary education and is used as a means of planning which will settle what will become during a certain period of time, intending to final and last guarantee planning scientific and systematic of what will be done in the classroom of the school.
The didactic unit is a learning model that is fundamentally linked to the constructivist theories, as we know still current of Constructivism which says that human knowledge of all kas things is a mental process of the individual that develops in a manner internal and as the individual interacts with their environment.
Meanwhile, it is comprised of the following elements: educational objectives (the statement of capabilities which must reach the student at the end of the unit and which must be consistent with the objectives of General and reference), contents (those knowledge organised harmoniously and that they set out as concepts, procedures and attitudes), activities (those means that will help to achieve the objectives (: collection of ideas, introductory activities, development, synthesis and expression) and evaluation (of the results).
They usually include a bi-weekly time, although mostly adapt to needs of time requiring the group in question.
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