What is the Meaning & Definition of Teaser

The teaser, also known by its name in the Spanish campaign of intrigue, is a type of format that has been in vogue in the field of advertising in recent years, which is specially used as prior, I anticipate, an advertising campaign, linked to a product or service and it stands out by offering the audience fragmented information that inevitably ends up causing him to the receiver a sum State intrigue.
One of the recurring advertisement such conditions is raise the issue in question as an enigma, not revealed the identity of the owner and even the product.
While services and products make use of this type of technique also it has become a very popular strategy within the film industry to promote films to come, especially those most expected and that they have a remarkable budget. In this case paramount is not tell the future Viewer about the argument of the tape but rather put it in the vicinity of the premiere auto.
On the other hand and very interestingly, the films teaser are normally disseminated even when the film has not been completed filming or is in the process of editing and then it is possible to include materials that directly will not be in film or alternative versions of some scenes that will be Yes.
In those cases more pretentious and of course in the Pocket is extremely bulky, such is the case of the large producers, the teaser images are created only for the same.
In addition to the cinemas, the teaser, you can see through the internet where it is even possible to download them.
Also, in the field of video games, normally use the technical teaser and the intention is the same that is used for the film or for the promotion of products and services, generate expectation on consumers and anticipate any imminent release. Video games festivals tend to be scenarios in which usually arise in society the teaser for video games.
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