What is the Meaning & Definition of technical

The technical term, in its broadest sense, refers to everything own or relative to technique.
On the other hand, will be called technical procedure that aims to obtain a certain result. To reach this, it will be necessary to execute technical knowledge and follow a series of rules and regulations that will be the means to achieve the goal.
Also, called technician to that individual who dominate a technique. The technician is a degree which can be accessed from the receipt of formal education, such is the case of the technical chemicals. The technician meets certain tools, physical or intellectual, which are those that allow you to execute the technique in question.

In the field of sport, when speaking of technician or technical director is is referring to that person who is in charge of the training, instruction and direction of athletes that make up a team.
In the case of football, the technician is who directs the practice of football, training, choose the players who will integrate the team incumbent on the party by the competition, develop the strategy, will have tactics and decide changes to be made during the development of the party according to the contingencies that are happening in this.
On the other hand, a service is that service that aims to solve those problems arising during the use of the service in question or the use of any electronic device acquired.
Each brand or company is a service of this type which offers to its customers as an added value, which appear a problem should be contacted for the repair, either, if product is still in warranty, to replace him.
Meanwhile, there are also professionals and companies offering this type of service independently. They usually offer repairs of electronic devices, such as computers, equipment of audio, TV and video, telephony, among others.
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