What is the Meaning & Definition of technical

He is designated with the technical word that procedure which normally consists of a series of rules or protocols and whose last mission achieving a particular result in a task or activity that can be associated to different areas such as: science, art, technology, sports, among others.
It should be noted that successful deployment of a technique will require intellectual and manual skills by whom it is performed and also the manipulation of tools or utensils. Then, the technique assumes both the mode and the instruments used to achieve the projected goal.
It is important to clarify that a technique does not imply science because its theme is dedicated to particular cases and not universal, i.e., applies to the solution of a particular conflict or carrying out an activity or task.
Men developed the technique with the intent to modify a medium or to provide specific features for so much more adapted to the needs demanded. Imagination and creativity are two of the faculties that the individual uses to develop the technique that best suits your demands.
Meanwhile, the possibility of transmission to other pairs is what has allowed a certain technique created by someone is not finished, but on the contrary, this possibility can be continued through the centuries, and even bring you new features and improvements based on the knowledge of its results. Mostly, all the activities that we deploy in our daily life are still a technique.
With an example we will see it more clearly, to study, most follow a study technique, first read the text, then highlight the most notable concepts and finally dump them in a summary so that this knowledge is integrated to our cognitive structure.
Now, worth mention that men are not the only ones capable of developing a technique, some animals are also capable of doing it and create some tools that are useful when it comes to their survival.
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