What is the Meaning & Definition of technician

Technician is the term used in Latin America to refer to the technical studies which are university type. It is a general term, since it is necessarily accompanied by a specific term. Thus, there are technical programs related to very different academic disciplines: computer, security and hygiene, tourism, human resources, gastronomy, cultural management, environmental management and a large number of areas.

General aspects

The approach of the technical programs consists of training students to become qualified. An important aspect is the combination of theory and practice in this type of disciplines. As for the degree, who completed a technician has an undergraduate of University technical. You have to take into account that in the education of the majority of Latin American countries primary and secondary education is mandatory and when this period ends student wishing to extend their training has two options: University studies (undergraduate) or technical studies, i.e. technical programs. It is not two completely opposite ways, since at the end of a degree a student has the possibility of joining in a Bachelor's degree.
A relevant issue in the technical programs is its connection with the labour market in each sector. In this regard, practices that are carried out are oriented to the everyday reality of companies. This strategy is considered necessary in a double purpose: to facilitate students to get a job and that there is a connection between the academic world and the business world.

Study and work

Long ago the academic training was not in contact with the world of work. The studies emphasized the theoretical dimension and practice was gaining in the day to day business. This approach has changed in recent decades, and as a result, changes in the labour market just conditioning curricula of the technical programs. This issue can illustrate with the technician of video games. When video games first appeared, it was a simple entertainment.
However, it soon became a global phenomenon that moves large amounts of money and at the same time need of highly qualified professionals. This change has created the need to conform to a specific technician for the video games industry. This example helps us to remember an idea that not always applies: the need to associate work and academics.
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