What is the Meaning & Definition of technology

The word technology has an extended usage in our language and especially nowadays where technology undoubtedly is certainly rooted in the everyday life of individuals from various items of daily use, such is the case of the cell phone, to quote some of the most popular.
The technology involves a set of organized scientific and technical knowledge that facilitate the design and creation of goods and services that simplify and help the adaptation of the individual and also serve to meet essential needs of people as larger desires, such as the of concern to humanity.
While there are many technologies, which by the way are very diverse, we tend to use the term in indistinct way to refer to one or all of them.
Technology is a very important issue to instances of given humanity the same helping substantially both to social progress and economic of a territory, however, it is important to mention that this sector is has attributed to a character commercial hyper and case is that it has mostly inclined to the satisfaction of individual needs aside from those essential of needy individuals. Obviously and in case this situation rather individualistic generates a non-sustainable use of our environment, which must pay attention!
However, beyond what used, mostly, technology course is is a great instrument to protect our natural environment and therefore curb that indicated growing demands deplete or degrade resources, be they material or energy available in our land, or failing that, to increase the divide of social differences.
As shown enough with an example, we will quote the exploration of outer space as a great technological step achieved by humanity, i.e., without the technology would have been impossible man to abandon the Earth per is. Let us remember that this event occurred in the year 1960.
On the other hand, the word technology also called the theoretical discipline that deals with the study of knowledge involving all technologies.
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