What is the Meaning & Definition of Telegraph

The concept of Telegraph can be used with three senses to refer, on the one hand, to the communication system that allows you to transmit messages thanks to a code with speed and distance. On the other hand, is also the term used to refer to the appliance, which is used in the indicated system and device which allows the sending and receiving of messages.
And finally, the term is used to refer to the Administration in which the indicated communication system is seconded.
The Telegraph was an invention that actually developed the electric communication, since it is the first expression occurring in this type of communication. The Telegraph uses electrical signals to send and receive messages encoded through radial lines.
Now, the first Telegraph appeared towards the end of the 18th century, in 1794, although it did not use electricity but it consisted of a visual system that used a flag that was based on the alphabet, so, it relied on a line of sight for communication.
Shortly after, the Telegraph mentioned would be replaced by electric telegraph that Samuel Soemmering invents. In this case were employed 35 cables comprised gold electrodes with water. Communication came to a distance of two thousand feet and could be identified by the amount of gas generated by electrolysis.
In 1828 reach United States Telegraph that sent electric sparks through a previously treated paper tape to record so symbols.
Meanwhile, with the advent of the electromagnet and the improvement that, in this sense, would Samuel Morse Telegraph become a successful commercial and communication in the 19th century. In the year 1838, it will be the first public demonstration of his invention consisting in the use of pulses of electricity to move to the electromagnet which in turn moved a marker that generated the code written on a strip of paper, the famous Morse code.
In the year 1843, Morse, would get the US Congress to finance the first telegraph line from Washington to Baltimore.
Gradually the system extended fabulously and in 1861 the Western Union company constructed a mega Telegraph Company.
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