What is the Meaning & Definition of telematics

We all know, and we know the enormous progress that allowed, and the range of possibilities that opened, new technologies in the field of communication. Obviously that it was a certain intervention of telecommunications, further facilitating this gear between both disciplines.
Meanwhile, that joint work between computer science and technology applied in telecommunications has generated a science dealing with precisely linked with new technologies, telematics communication.
Although it is a relatively new discipline since its field of action is rather novel, a reality of recent decades, telematics, has managed to move a lot on definitions and specific plans that make their object of study.
To put it in simpler terms we will talk of what enables telematics in our daily lives and thus understand the scope and the importance of this discipline scientific, quite unknown by name, presents nevertheless.
When we entered and sailed on any web page of our preference, when we turn on the GPS in the car to get to an unknown address, when we chat through the various proposals of instant messaging, or also when we entered our emails and they engaged e-mail with friends, coworkers, family correspondence, telematics has a lot to do as technologies that allow all these above-mentioned actions are possible because telematics occupied thinking about them, designing them and implement them to make them a reality.
Then, the field of action covered by the telematics is really wide because it includes the study, design and everything that has to do with the management of communications networks and also the study and design of technologies that will process, store and convey information.
The interference which today have telecommunication and new technologies has made be required to those who play professionally in the mentioned fields knowledge of this discipline that just handles concepts and key knowledge in this regard.
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