What is the Meaning & Definition of Television

Television, tele, teve, boob, you like them call each, such different denominations has received since its origins dating back to the late 19th century until today, without a doubt and without fear to be wrong either, is, along with newspaper and Radio, from whom we also deal a long time here in definition ABC one of the most important media that have been installed in modernity thanks to the evolution and also the test trial and error of several souls, fearless and tireless, experiencing how to transmit images via electricity or mechanical systems.
But as I say, most of the attempts to transmit images began much before the 20th century, this is where not only accomplished debut, but where also reached their best expression and development throughout the world.
The device we have put on the chest of the room or in the rolling of the living room table and that allows us to see the news in the morning where we learned very briefly what happened in our community in the last hours, the novel evening, again news from dusk to see if it was something new and the night while we eat some of the music shows or reality that became fashionable in the last time, housed in its interior a complex system which receives wave radio or specialized networks, depending on the case, which are those that allow us see and hear all this content that I listed them despite the distance, ma to boob, boob or che!
Clear that the sound is important, but we had that with radio, so no doubt the possibility of image is the big attraction has always proposed the tele.
And although I said above that it shares the importance of newspaper and radio, without fear of wrong, television and of course that this is due to its massiveness but more than anything this image, without a doubt, is the star of this extremely consumer postmodern society. And it should also surely be due to that bastardeado and most criticized of all means.
Equally and beyond everything that is said on TV, I 30, peak (ja is thought that it was going to be a confession, naaaa) I must admit that I grew up with TV, I amused me a lot, but also thanks to the proliferation of specialized channels, e.g. culture, I can also say that not only I "narcotiz├│" as his most fervent Detractors argue , but I learned a lot.
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