What is the Meaning & Definition of telework

A form of work that takes place outside the office and making use of communication and technological tools

Telework is a modality of work activity that has been imposed with great extension as a result of the rise of new technologies and its emergence fully in the working world. It basically consists of developing the work out and away from the office or the company which we are engaged and making use of the technology as a fundamental tool to do the job in question, computers, internet, cell phone, between the technological and communicational channels basic involved.
These tools we mentioned today, prove to be sufficient to carry out many works in the workplace of today, so any worker who has a computer, internet access and a cell phone can efficiently develop their work, even when not in the office.

Benefits for businesses and workers

There are benefits for all parties, for the company in the employment relationship of the telework benefits associated especially with the costs generated by having employees working from an office there, and on the other hand, in the case of employees the main advantages will be given by the side of the freedom to develop the work from home or from any location that has internet access You can even do it from abroad. And also to the employee will have economic benefits, since you will not have costs of mobility concept to come and go every day to the company.

New technologies allow it

Of course making a few decades ago when technology was not extended to the point that today, is it promoting multiple ways of communication: email, social networks, chat rooms, video conferencing, this labor alternative of the teletrabjo was unthinkable, i.e. all workers Yes or Yes should do their job from the company for which he worked and was not feasible to work for a foreign company but produced concrete transfer to that country However, today, through the mentioned routes of virtual contact that is no longer necessary and work does not lose efficiency, which of course the most important thing is not to lose competitiveness and satisfaction in the task that is carried out.
Other advantages which are designated in favour of the employee are: reducing stress, greater autonomy, increase in productivity, the most important.
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