What is the Meaning & Definition of Temple

The word temple can be used in various ways, although some of them are related. Normally when one speaks of temple refers to what is considered by many religions as a virtue and it means to act with balance and serenity to various events which life can be. On the other hand, when we speak of an element to the temple to mean that that element was previously worked specifically to alter its main features, as it is the case with the hardened steel or tempera.
However, the temple is understood in most cases as the first meaning of the word. The notion of temple comes from the tranquillity. The tranquillity is, as stated, a characteristic of the personality of a person who normally several religions considered a virtue. This is so since Temperance means to react with patience, wisdom and serenity to events that can one alter what both mental and emotionally (such as an accident, death of a loved or several frustrations with which one has to deal over the life).
The temple then is the ability that may have a person of moderate (attitude always well seen by the religions) emotions and act measure and moderate, without lose internal peace and bring more conflict or aggression to a situation which is already very painful or conflictuante. However, the temple is not understood never as a total lack of feelings or coldness, if that means the fair measure, the balance between these two worlds that someone as high does not have and that do live in the best way. Own temple means having emotionality, feel, sympathize with each other, but always maintaining an attitude of strength and spiritual strength.
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