What is the Meaning & Definition of temporary work

Temporary work involves hiring people to cede them temporarily to another company. Such recruitment only can carry out by companies of temporary work which are duly authorized and in accordance with the regulations in force.
Meanwhile, the temporary employment business is the company whose activity, carried out by natural or legal persons, means put at the disposal of another temporary user enterprise, workers who promptly she has hired.
While several decades ago this type of contracting has been widely criticised on the grounds that it was exerting illegal trafficking of labour, these days, companies that offer a service of this type and that are duly regulated, prove to be an excellent alternative for the workers and even more so, for the services sector continually demanding staff, constitute an excellent solution allowing to solve jobs specialist immediately.
Somehow the temporary work is a work between three parties: the employee, the employer and the temporary employment business.
Among the advantages presented by this type of work are the following: the possibility of acquiring professional experience, in the event that for example in the case of an individual recently graduated; achieve a network of contacts who report a safe future benefit; in many cases, especially where the performance is very good, the temporary worker has serious chances to become part of the permanent company staff and thus stop being a temporary worker and allow stuff work with other activities, for example, conducting courses.
However, it is also important to note that there are negative aspects in this regard and have to do especially with job instability that this type of work can lead to clear, can Jig deep into workers, mainly in the case of those who are taking their first steps in the world of work and end up triggering in the subject dissatisfaction , confidence in own abilities, among other issues.
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