What is the Meaning & Definition of temptation

The temptation is incitement that will induce the desire of something, while such incitement can be embodied by a thing, a person, a circumstance or any other stimuli able to arouse someone mentioned induction into something.
Usually to the temptation it is often linked to concepts such as those of seduction and provocation. Actually, the proposal to go a few days with the turns out to be a temptation but I can not hang all my work. If I have to admit a temptation no doubt the same is called: sweets. The actor acknowledged that temptation dominated it and therefore I cheating on his wife.
On the other hand, in a religious context, the temptation is understood as incitement to sin by the devil, i.e., when a person sins or commits any act contrary to the moral religious is considered that it has been, the devil, Satan, or the devil, as you like to call it, which causes and encourages human beings perform such an action contrary to the proposals of the religion in question. Whenever someone does something or let him do, especially taking advantage of the intrinsic weakness present men and somehow contributes to distance ourselves from God, you will have the seal of the devil.
The religion believes that individuals constantly confronted with situations of this kind and therefore live in a constant struggle against temptations, whose main mission is to lead us astray, or by the way in which God is not. The Bible offers us several cases of the man falling into temptations, one of the most symbolic and transmitted is Apple, Adam and Eve, when the devil tempts Eve to do eat an Apple from a tree that was not permitted by God, but anyway she does and also invites it to teammate Adam.
On the other hand, to the temptation in addition to with the devil, is often associated with sexuality, infidelity, and addictive substances such as drugs, giving a clear sign of the linking of the term with those issues in some way taboo and forbidden.
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