What is the Meaning & Definition of tenacity

The concept of tenacity is used to name those attitudes and ways of acting which are characterized by resorting to the firmness and consistency in order to obtain a final result. Tenacity is closely linked with intelligence since those persons found tenacious should know how to proceed in each specific situation. But at the same time, tenacity is related to the strength of spirit because constant and permanent delivery by a target is which makes that a person is considered to be tenacious. In sum, the tenacity means both intelligence and perseverance.
Tenacity is typical of human beings since this is able to decide consciously what you want and plan around that target one kind that give you the best results. However, an animal for example can also be tenacious when hunting and uses the best strategy to make your activity a fruitful activity. Tenacity is a virtue that can be found both in humans and in many animal species.
In the case of human beings, tenacity is especially observable in some individuals who must resolve questions of great importance. In this sense, the vast majority of heroes and heroes of every nation are described as tough since they stood out in its time for more profitable results from the best and most intelligent way.
The term tenacity can also be used to refer to issues related to physics. In such a case, the tenacity of a material occurs when it is stretched to one greater point that the State of rest, becoming so much more tenacious, strong and tight to the previous state. The tenacity of the matter becomes visible especially in flexible elements such as fabrics.

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