What is the Meaning & Definition of tenderness

The affection, love, affection or kindness that someone expresses and demonstrates by certain things or someone designated with the term of tenderness.
Those loved ones such as parents, siblings, children, grandparents, pets and friends are mostly recipients and objects of our affection.
Thanks to the tenderness each individual can give the best of himself even only the reward of this see smile to the one who is loved. Therefore, it is fundamental to building a relationship based on love, trust, respect and the ida and return.
As a result that all individuals are different, i.e., have different experiences of life, feelings, educations, which are that will make these distinctions, then what wakes up that love that we mentioned, tenderness, final accounts, will be shot by various issues, what someone wakes you that feeling can not wake him in another.
Anyway despite differences there may be between one and others of what it arouses tenderness, there are some images and situations that inevitably will awaken the tenderness of the largest part of people, regardless of education, beliefs and experiences of life that holds.
A baby playing, laughing, hugging his mother, a pregnant woman and a child kissing his brother to a friend, a grandfather walking with his grandson, a puppy newly born of his mother's tit, are images and situations that tend to wake up the tenderness of anyone who contemplates them.
On the other hand, to the softness and smoothness of an object or a surface it is often referred to as tenderness.
And when something is presented devoid of force and firmness is often speak in terms of tenderness.

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