What is the Meaning & Definition of tennis

Tennis is one of the most popular sports, practiced throughout the world, while its practice is developed in a field that is characterized by a flat terrain, of brick or cement powder, rectangular and is divided into two sections by a network.
That division is just that mark each side of the Court in which the players shall be provided. You can play one and one, i.e., a player faces another, modality known as singles and but in doubles or couples who will face another.
To be able to practice it, in addition to the field of play are essential two elements: racket and tennis ball. Players empuñaran racket and this should hit the ball which Yes or Yes must pass over the network. If this does not happen is will point to the contrary. Also when one of the players does not return correct so the ball point ends and obviously you are granted to the contrary.
Players develop several blows when they play tennis, among them: kick (is hit with which the party is started), the drive or right (hit the ball after the bounce with the business arm of tennis), reverse (consists of a blow that occurs on the side opposite of the drive), volley (is a stroke Player performs in the air before the ball bounce on the Court) , drop shot (with this coup is looked for the ball to lose power and falls very close to the side of the opponent's net), shot (involves a similar movement to kick but carried on the head).
The party begins with the pull of one of the players and it should bounce on the opposite side of the Court for which removed. There are two possibilities of drawdown, i.e. If miscarry the first, you have another. The game will continue with the ida and spin of the ball bouncing once on each side, if occurs more than one bounce or it comes out of the Court, the player loses the point. If four points are earned is achieved the game or game and six games are won and you get the set. The party consists of two set, having the possibility of a third party in the event of a tie and the Grand Slam tournaments are allowed five sets.
While since the first half of the last century was given character of professional tennis, practiced since long before, obviously with some differences in terms of elements but its form was already known from several centuries ago.
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